There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy 💯🤗   #alsofoodfirst     #cinnabon     #happydaysahead     #lifearoundfood     #bloggerlife     #instablogger     #instagramfoodie     #instafoodgram     #oneforthegram     #makingmemories     #goodtimes     #halaalfoodie     #durbanhalaalfood     #durbanfoodie     #foodielife     #foodnatics     #goodfoodgoodlife     #alwaysthebest     #foodblogging  


I thought I'd share with you a little about my story and how bone broth changed my life. A little over a year ago I was at an all time low. I'd put on 30 kgs having my daughter and couldn't lose it (this is what happens when your husband is a chef) I spent a lot of time researching eating plans and fasting.   #bonebroth   kept popping up as an amazing way to lose weight with fasting plus having amazing health benefits so I decided to give it a try. It wasn't long before my friends noticed the change in me and asked us to make them broth. Hence Dr Broth was born! We didnt want to just make a bone broth but a health elixir, so added amazing herbs, spices and aromatics all with medicinal purposes. As I'm about to head into my 40s I can honestly say I feel better than ever. I'm stronger and more energetic and so grateful to have found bone broth. 🙏🏼   #healthy2019     #collagen     #bonebrothlife     #drbroth     #inflammation     #collagendiet     #bonebrothlife     #fitcapetown     #fitnesssouthafrica     #durbanfoodie     #durbanfitness     #eatright     #pretoriafoodies     #fitnesspretoria     #bonebrothlifestyle     #jhbfitness     #bonebrothsa  


SWEET TOOTH SAVER 😉 • If you have a sweet tooth like I do then this recipe is one you HAVE TO save and HAVE TO try!!! • I have been making this every evening and by morning it’s sooooo thick and creamy you almost can’t believe it’s healthy 🎉🎉🎉 • Less than 200 calories, high in protein, moderate carbs and low in fat...The perfect start to any day in my opinion 😍 • What did you have for breakfast today???? Have I managed to change your mind about what you will be having for brekkie later this week? 😉 • Well, I hope so 😁 • Here’s the recipe: INGREDIENTS: 1 tub yoghurt- I used   @danpro  _danone 1 serving collagen peptides- I use   @onutricia  _collagen or you could use 1/3 serving of whey 1 tsp cocoa 1 TBS sugar free pudding- I used   @simplydelishnatural   hazelnut flavour A few drops of   @supashape   hazelnut cafe infusion drops • METHOD: 1. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix (complicated stuff 😂) 2. Leave to set for a minimum of 4 hours • Enjoy 😋😋😋 • I feel guilty sharing this ‘non recipe’ but you guys did ask for it 🙌🏼😉


For the Love of Brownies 🍫 • • • • Check out this amazing store   @ms  _waffles at the   @foodbox   in Morningside   #foodphotography     #brownies     #strawberries     #foodies     #foodieofinstagram     #food     #desserts     #durbanfood     #durbanfoodie     #canon     #creativedurban     #foodstagram     #foodpics     #foodart  


Indulge in our scrumptious Burger range at Supertech Isetta Restaurants situated in Supertech Durban and Supertech Pinetown. Choose your burger. From pure indulgence to health conscious, we've got you covered. Visit your nearest Supertech Isetta Restaurant to try our drool-worthy burgers today!   #IMSUPERTECH     #IsettaRestaurant     #IsettaBar     #durban     #durbanfoodie     #SupertechDurban  


A fav 🍷.   #cabsav     #wine     #durbanfoodie     #instapic  


Happy   #WorldFoodDay  , foodies! We hope you'll be celebrating today by heading out for your favourite meal or by trying something new on the menu! 🍔 Whatever your plans may be, use the Going Out App to get the best deal in SA, all day, every day! It's discounted dining made easy. . . . . . . . . . .   #Burger     #GoingOut     #2For1     #FoodDeals     #GetGoing     #DateNight     #DineOut     #FoodDeals      #FoodiesOfSA     #SAFoodies     #Foodie     #food     #Foodgasm     #Foodporn     #Delicious     #Tasty     #Lunch     #Yummy     #GoodFood     #FoodDay     #FoodWins     #DurbanFoodie     #CapeTownFoodie     #JoburgFoodie  


Banana Puri ❤️ A layered dough, fried to perfection to create the perfect layered crisp Banana Puri 👌🏽 Soaked in a delightful rose infused syrup, and tossed in desiccated coconut, colourful almond pieces, sesame seeds and elachi powder. Made with lots of love 💕


'Sittin' in the mornin' sun I'll be sittin' when the evenin' comes Watchin' the ships roll in Then I watch 'em roll away again I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay Watchin' the tide, roll away I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay Wastin' time I left my home in Georgia And I headed for the Frisco (Durban) Bay 'Cause I've got nothin' to live for Looks like nothin's gonna come my way, so I'm just come sittin' on the dock of the bay Watchin' the tide roll away I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay, wastin' time Looks like nothin's gonna change Everything seems to stay the same I can't do what ten people tell me to do So I guess I'll remain the same I'm sittin' here restin' my bones And this loneliness won't leave me alone This two thousand miles I roamed Just to make this dock my home Now I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay Watchin' the tide roll away Sittin' on the dock of the bay I'm wastin' time'. Lyrics by Otis Redding Photo cred   @jononienaber   I hope the song stays in your head all day 🤣   #durbanrise     #durbanfoodie     #eatdurban     #durbanmustrise     #revival     #foodiesofsa     #eatout     #eatat9th     #Durban     #durbanstyle     #cityofdurban     #restaurantsofsa     #Rasa     #durbantourism  


PUDDING FOR BREAKFAST ❤️ • Okay...sorry gents (if there are any that follow me)...but I have a personal question for the ladies 😉 • This is going to be SOOOO embarrassing if I am only speaking for myself BUT do any of you find that just before (and during) your womanly time the thought of grabbing a tub of Nutella and a spoon and demolishing the jar is something that all of a sudden seems like an acceptable breakfast option? 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 • I kid you not, I spent 20 minutes looking at the fancy nut butters at spar this weekend 🙈 • I don’t know what happens to me...If I had to rate my sweet tooth on a normal day I would probably rate it as a 8.5 out of 10...But for about 10 days a month my sweet tooth shoots right up to a whopping 18.5 out of 10 🤣🙈 • Plzzzzzzzz tell me I’m not the only one!!!! What score would you rate your sweet tooth as???? 🤷🏻‍♀️ • Well, I came up with this little quick and easy recipe that seriously helps kick the sweet tooth in the teeth...I’ve had it every morning this week and the best part is that I can make it the night before and it’s only a few ingredients 😜   #winning   • I also cake up with some cookies that have also helped with the cravings (swipe left) ❤️ • Which recipe would you like me to share with all of you later??? Let’s get those votes in 💗 • And plzzzzzz....Make a girl feel a little better...Am I the only one whose sweet tooth becomes all encompassing?🙈🤷🏻‍♀️


Lunch 🍓.   #durbanfoodie     #strawberry     #freshfruit     #comfortfood  


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED 😄 • Over the weekend, during the craziness of baking for my book, I took a break to make some lunch 🍣 • Last week,   @nocalorienoodles   challenged us to make some sushi using their rice pearls and I put my own little spin on it making a hand roll and some California rolls 😋 • I had soooo much fun and it was sooooo simple...I always find that making sticky rice is the worst part of making poke bowls (and sushi I would imagine although this was a first for me 🙈) • I dry fried my rice pearls, added some fat free cottage cheese and lite mayo and voila...sticky rice 😍 • Should I share exactly how I made my guilt free hand rolls? They are definitely the lowest calorie hand rolls around 😝 • I absolutely loved this challenge so thank you 😘 • What challenge can I do next????? Plzzzzz challenge me to do something- it really helped to push my creativity limits 😝 • And who else is keen to do this challenge??? I nominate   @lauren  _campbell05 and   @busy  _body_balance 😘


Who can do with some chocolate🍫 to get the day started?🙋 This Chocolate Protein Smoothie will do the trick!💪 . 📸 & recipe credits:   @the  _smallseed_ . Recipe (makes 2) 550 ml chocolate coconut water / chocolate nut milk 2 frozen bananas 1 Tbls chia seed 1 Tbls Coconut cream 1 Tbls preferred protein powder . Place all ingredients into your OmniBlend blender and blend until smooth and creamy.


Last Night’s Bake ❤️ Red Velvet Cupcakes 😍 Soft and Spongy cupcake, topped with a luscious cream cheese frosting 👌🏽 Made to perfection 👩🏽‍🍳


LOVE LANGUAGES ❤️ • Have you read the book ‘Love languages’ by Gary Chapman?   @sheldonhill  _myfitnesscartel and I read it as part of our premarital course and it was so so insightful 😁 • There’s 5 love languages (and I’ve added a 6th one because donuts are life 😜) • (  @davidfickel   and @_talithajadeifbb gave me such positive feedback for the pronuts that I gave them over the weekend 🍩 Thank you guys 😘) • Anyway, the love languages listed in the book are: 1️⃣ Quality time 2️⃣ Gifts 3️⃣ Words of affirmation 4️⃣ Acts of service 5️⃣ Physical touch 🍩 And donuts of course 😝 • Apart from donuts, my love language is acts of service and gifts (which is probably why I started PUAPB pocket presents because I LOVE giving people presents 😋) •   @sheldonhill  _myfitnesscartel love language is physical touch and words of affirmation so I have to make sure that I shower him with compliments and back tickles in order for him to feel loved 😉 And he should help me with the dishes and buy me all the presents 🤣 • What is your love language??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ • I would love to hear it...And let’s include the 6️⃣th one...Donuts 🍩 • 💗💗💗 • Have a happy Tuesday everyone...Remember...Spread the love wherever you go 😁


What a flaming deal! Our famous Chicken Tikka Burger with chips @ only R35! Come and taste the flame! 🔥 🍔  #TheFlamingTeppanTandoor  ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀   #durbansouthafrica     #durbanite     #durbanfood     #durbanfoodie     #gatewayumhlanga     #umhlangabeach     #umhlangarocks     #durbanhalaal     #southafrica     #local     #teamsa     #southafrican     #igerssouthafrica     #meetsouthafrica     #kwazulunatal  


Colours Of Flavor 🍓 • • • • Check out this amazing store   @ms  _waffles at the   @foodbox   in Morningside   #foodphotography     #foodporn     #strawberries     #toppings     #birdviewtravels     #foodiesofinstagram     #foodie     #waffletoppings     #canon     #durbanfoodie     #durban031     #foodgasm  


TONIGHTS PUD 😜 • Need a recipe to help curb the cravings tonight?...Well I’ve got just the one for you 😉 • In fact, I have a few (just take a scroll through my feed or my website) BUT if you don’t feel like doing that (and like the look of this one) then plzzzzz give it a bash 😉 • This recipe actually made 2 brownies but no one would judge you if you were to eat it all yourself 😝 • There is only 150 calories in the ENTIRE recipe (P: 11 C: 23 F: 5) 🎉🎉🎉 Literally guilt free eating at its best!!! • INGREDIENTS: 1/3 serving whey- 1 used 1 scoop of   @npl  _international   @npl  _prolifestyle 3 TBS cocoa 1 TBS flour- I used   @orgransa   gluten free flour 1 TBS granulated sweetener or 1/4 tsp stevia- I used   @freesweetco   1/4 tsp baking powder A pinch of salt 1/4 cup pumpkin purée 1/2 baby marrow, grated 1 tsp vanilla essence 2 to 3 TBS water, if necessary • METHOD: 1. Spray a mug or ramekin with some cooking spray and set aside. 2. Add the dry ingredients to a bowl and mix until combined. 3. Add the pumpkin, vanilla and water to this mixture and mix until smooth and silky. 4. Lastly, add the baby marrow and mix it in well. 5. Spoon into the ramekins and pop into the microwave, cooking it for 2 minutes but stopping the micro every 30 seconds to prevent the brownie from overflowing. • Decorate and enjoy 😜 • Okay...rate this recipe for me plzzzzz 😋 • 5 being HELL YESSSSSS 🎉 1 being HELL NOOOOO 🙈


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