Thank you for following my sister and I around Tanzania on our final   #VoyagerJourneys   trip with   @flysaa   &   @nedbank   😁 I’ve shared our 4 day itinerary on Gophari.com 😁 . Have you seen the highlights from Dar es Salaam on my story? How cool is Akemi revolving restaurant? 😱 Got one last swipe in with our SAA Voyager cheque cards for that unique dining experience 🍽 .   #sponsoredbynedbank  


  #VoyagerJourneys   led us to the Western coast of Zanzibar - Stone Town. An enriching walking tour through the narrow walkways was followed by dinner at The Silk Route restaurant. . We did all of our spending using the SAA Voyager cheque or credit card which means we earned miles so that we can travel even more 💃🏿 Link in bio for the deets about this game changing product 😜 .   #sponsoredbynedbank  


A close look and feel of the fresh spices and fruit growing at Jambo Spice Farm   #VoyagerJourneys   . All of your senses are engaged during the spice tour. You feel, smell and taste the spices while trying to guess what they are with helpful hints from your guide. Identifying common spices in their freshest form is a lot trickier than initially expected. This was my second time doing this tour and I still got them wrong 🙈😂 . The Spice Tour ends with fruit tasting and an opportunity to buy spices, fragrances and soaps. .   #VoyagerJourneys   with   @flysaa   &   @nedbank     #sponsoredbynedbank  


Go taste 🇹🇿   #VoyagerJourneys   . Zanzibar is famously known as the Spice Island. The wide range of spices give the island’s food its flavour and are also used for natural healing remedies and cosmetics. The smell of the cinnamon bark was a highlight! . The soil is rich in Zanzibar, and fruit easily grow. We discovered new fruits and tasted them all. . And finally, the seafood 😍 It’s as fresh as seafood gets. We clocked up on Voyager Miles by using our SAA Voyager cheque and credit cards to swipe for all of our meals. Thank you   @flysaa   &   @nedbank     #sponsoredbynedbank  


Mornings in Zanzibar ☀️🌴 . This is Protea Hotel Mbweni Ruins - where we stayed while in Zanzibar. Could spend a whole day lazing at this hotel and watching the tide return 😍 Laze at the hotel or go out and explore? 🤔   #VoyagerJourneys   with   @flysaa   &   @nedbank     #sponsoredbynedbank  


TANZANIA 🇹🇿 Sister by my side ✅ SAA Voyager cheque & credit cards ✅ White sand & blue ocean ✅ . Our second   #VoyagerJourneys   trip with   @nedbank   &   @flysaa   was colourful, delicious and enriching. That’s expected while traveling Africa 🙌🏾 .   #sponsoredbynedbank  


Feeling inspired to write about the best views across South Africa after experiencing so many during our first   #VoyagerJourneys   trip with   @nedbank   &   @flysaa   in Cape Town 🇿🇦🙌🏾 . So far I’ve written about this trip and how we earned Voyager Miles as we explored Cape Town. It’s simple to do and can really cut your travel expenses down. Check it out - link in bio.   #sponsoredbynedbank  


Cape Town from above 🚁 We were so amazed by the views and kept turning to each other saying “This is so cool!” We spotted iconic Cape Town landmarks with the guidance of our pilot who made sure we didn’t miss anything 👨‍✈️ How beautiful does the ocean look from up there? 😍  #VoyagerJourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank   . Link in bio to find out more about how to earn Voyager Miles from every day spend with a   @flysaa   &   @nedbank   Voyager cheque or credit card ✈️


I’m a fan of everything that cuts travel costs & makes travel easier ✈️ My sister and I went on a   #VoyagerJourneys   trip to Cape Town to show how the SAA Voyager cards by   @flysaa   &   @nedbank   help to do that. . To catch up on what we got up to and how we used these cards to skip queues & collect miles, see story highlights or blog post (link in bio) 😊 More to come! .   #sponsoredbynedbank  


Camps Bay is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Cape Town 🌅 There is a wide selection of restaurants and shops along the promenade so you can enjoy a cocktail 🍹 a meal 🥘 or an ice cream 🍦 as you watch the sun set over the ocean   #VoyagerJourneys   with   @flysaa   &   @nedbank     #sponsoredbynedbank  


My fierce big sis power posing with the penguins at Boulders Beach 🐧 This was the first stop on our Cape Town road trip. . If you love to travel and want to make your money stretch further, pay for car hire using your SAA Voyager credit card, earn Voyager Miles for doing so, then use those Voyager Miles to pay for your next car rental 🚘 That’s our plan!   #VoyagerJourneys     @nedbank     @flysaa     #sponsoredbynedbank  


Have you visited the African penguins at Boulders Beach yet? 🐧   @nyari  _s was a pro at squeezing between and climbing over the boulders to find these two penguins chilling 👏🏾Who knew that’s what it takes 😂 View my story to see how we used our SAA Voyager cards for this road trip 🚘   #VoyagerJourneys   with   @flysaa     @nedbank     #sponsoredbynedbank  


Cape Town’s Table Mountain backdrop is unbeaten 🙌🏾 🇿🇦 . Because we are using our SAA Voyager cheque and credit cards for all of our purchases in Cape Town, we are earning miles as we explore 💃🏿 You can do the same 😁 .   #voyagerjourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank     @nedbank     @flysaa  


I’m the type that likes to get right into the activities as we land. No time wasted - especially if the sun is out and a visit to Bo-Kaap is on the itinerary ❤️ It’s also because I treat my leave days like gold and want to make the most of all of my time off. Who relates? Tell me I’m not alone 🙋🏾‍♀️ . To learn more about the SAA Voyager cheque & credit card see link in bio   #voyagerjourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank     @flysaa     @nedbank  


Matchy matchy with my sister in the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap 🇿🇦 . You earn 1 mile for every R6 spent using the SAA Voyager cheque or credit card. So I used my card to pay for our Uber to get here 🙌🏾  #VoyagerJourneys   .   #sponsoredbynedbank     @nedbank     @flysaa  


A new standard for airport experiences has been set ✈️ Priority check-in & boarding and lounge access regardless of class of travel 🙌🏾   #VoyagerJourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank     @flysaa     @nedbank  


Traveling sisters ❤️ Thank you   @flysaa   &   @nedbank   for the smooth and easy airport experience 😊 Skipped all the queues and got to hang out in the lounge because we have SAA Voyager cheque & credit cards 💃🏿 Felt like VIPs 😜  #VoyagerJourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank  


My sister and I have our SAA voyager cheque and credit cards and can’t wait to show you how we used them for all of our purchases in Cape Town 💃🏿🇿🇦 We earn miles as we travel so that we can go on even more trips 🤸🏾‍♀️ Keep an eye on my posts and stories to learn more about how the SAA voyger cheque and credit cards earn you miles as you spend   #VoyagerJourneys     #sponsoredbynedbank     @flysaa     @nedbank