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Dear SCT Coasters and Holidaymakers, please take note of the following: Beach cleanups - Saturday 27 April 2019 Following inter departmental discussions, a decision was reached that all bags, irrespective colour, will be collected from beaches by Beach Cleaning and accepted by DSW as being beach litter. Having noted various initiatives to assist, volunteers are however requested to adhere the following: 1. Separate recyclables such as plastic, cardboard & glass from organic material such as grass & wood. 2. Place bags containing recycables in a different heap from organic matter, as organic matter is milled and reintroduced into the dune & beach regeneration program. 3. Place all bags well above the high water mark from where it will be collected by Beach cleaning vehicles 4. For the purposes of Saturdays exercise, additional vehicles & municipal personnel will be accommodated to work alongside volunteers in our collective effort to clean & clear beaches. 5. Municipal employees will start by clearing bathing beaches following which stretches in between will be addressed. 6. Additional bags can be obtained from beach staff or the beach management office at Amanzimtoti main beach. 7. Areas that are especially badly effected are Dakota beach and Twini beach from the river mouth at the golf course south to Pipeline. 8. Volunteers are cautioned to wearing shoes and where possible gloves as the debris can also contain broken glass and sharp objects such as needles. Thanking you for your assistance and co-operation.


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