President Donald J. Trump

Despite the Phony Witch Hunt, we will continue to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! Thank you!!


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ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha BOGUS polls! YOU'RE WAY LOWER. Orange Clown claims he’s a great business man, but he’s just a greedy con-man whose very life has been about taking as much as possible away from the little people as well as from his own government, while claiming that makes him ‘smart’. He exploits Fear and Hate, Just as Hitler did in Germany. Hitler also considered himself a Christian acting in the name of God (Let that Sink In for a moment). He appeals to people’s anger stemming from Fear, envy, racism or just pure love of money, greed. He panders to those who feed his egocentric need for adulation & supremacy. He bragged about touching women’s private parts without their consent. He mocked a disabled journalist. He mocked POWs for being captured, yet he dodged the draft when called to serve his country. He sides with Nazis and Tyrant Dictators. If you’re Not Ashamed of tRump, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! The Ethical Heart Of America WILL NOT Stand for a Shameless Amoral Con-man like Trump.


Choose this clown president The illiteracy of you is the American people.


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Go to hell


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سلام آقای تراپ من یک ایرانی هستم و از کشوری پیام میفرستم که باید به نخوردن و نپوشیدن و خرج نکردن عادت کنم و اقا زاده ها و مسئولان اختلاس کنند و میلیاردی خرج که هیچ کدوم از تحریمهای شما بر روی انها واقعا کار ساز نیستاین من و ما مردم ایران و امثال من هستیم که زیر بار تحریمها کارد به استخونهامون رسید من فقط میخوام به شما پیشنهاد بدم اقازاده های ایرانی را از امریکا و اروپا بیرون کنید و تمام سرمایه هاشون که پول من و مردم کشورم هست را مصادره کنید تا بیان ایران و انها هم مثل من و امثال من به نداری عادت کنند و ببینم واقعا میتونن اینطور زندگی کنند


Lo sbuccio col coltello perché non ciò le unghie


He says that Mexicans are so bad. But it’s not all of them. That’s like saying (for example) All blonds are dumb. And they’re not! Your supposed to set an example for the USA and insulting other people is not the best way


American First.🇺🇸


Trump ruined America






@therealdonaldtrump111111 I’m all about your initiative and believe in what you’re doing for us Americans! I’m a conservative republican and I wasn’t sure about you in the beginning. I voted for you to spite Hillary Clinton. I’m pleading with you now !!! You need to help the non conservatives please! Please don’t mock our environmental concerns and please don’t rule out those with beliefs that are not your own ... we do believe and have seen first hand environmental conditions. Please don’t rule us out because we (they) are a large majority ! As a vegan and planet loving (hippie) republican I’m having a hard time fighting the liberals who have the same environmental issues that I do . Please address our valid concerns ! Thank you! And please tell your sons to stop Big Game hunting ! Your great grandchildren may never see Lions and other animals that you and I grew up with!! That’s sad !


Lol did we though💡

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