President Donald J. Trump



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Look at all of those people going to see our GREAT President!! Amazing!!


@cavery2762 Making America White Again is disgusting racist proclamation which MAGA means to most of thissad lot. President Donald Trump is # 1 hypocrital white feather award winner, giant head and shoulders above all draft dodgers and pretend President. His loud mouth knows nothing about patriotism.


Best PRESIDENT ever!


Thank THE LORD GOD of Jews!!! and Thank Mr President Trump for ending obama 's common core garbage, just like the lunch his wife put together for public schools ... US Tax payers are going to sue with parents and students for the school boards and teachers unions failing to graduate 12th graders with 12th grade educations, while taking tax dollars to educate students to the 12th grade. I think they call that fraud ... even if local lawmakers create local laws to cover the butts of other local officials misusing federal dollars ...


I should have a bomb to blast up right here this location




@deborahlp729 5.4 million as compared to Obama's last 5 million dollar Hawaii vacation on taxpayer dollars !!

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