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As   @ivankatrump   toured the state-of-the art facilities at   @siemens_usa  , she saw firsthand how they're developing the talent of the "next generation of unbelievable American machinists."


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When you think of manufacturing, you might picture something "dirty, dingy, really dark," Chad explained. Hear more from Chad on expectations vs. reality above!


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  @ivankatrump   and   @secretaryross   are in Charlotte, North Carolina, for the second meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board! Hear from   @siemens_usa   CEO Barbara Humpton on today's discussion.


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Right now, there are 500,000 open jobs in manufacturing, says National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons. In 10 years, it could reach 2.4 *million*. Our great workers need the skills and training to match!


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"I've worked with so many different individuals that have 10, 20, 30+ years of experience—they're really instilling all that knowledge in myself." Chad, a member of   @siemens_usa  's world-class apprenticeship program, talks career development with   @ivankatrump  !


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We are building the wall! Last week, construction began on 15 miles of new border wall system to replace old, outdated barriers and help cut off illegal border crossing, drug trafficking, and human smuggling in the San Diego and El Centro Sectors.


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  @vp   Mike Pence and Mrs. Karen Pence visit   @yellowstonenps   and help replace the boardwalk at Old Faithful | June 13, 2019


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In Charlotte and other cities, too many longtime residents—"the people that built our city"—haven't had access to education or career training programs, says Mayor Vi Lyles.


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"We have jobs that are looking for people." — Governor   @kimreynoldsia  


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It's time to bring American workforce development into the 21st century, says @  @shrmofficial   CEO   @johnnyctaylorjr  !


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When a group of elected officials and business leaders met with President Trump to talk workforce development, one big idea resonated: measure results to get in a spirit of friendly competition. Here's Barbara Humpton, CEO of   @siemens_usa  !


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  @ivankatrump   is heading to Charlotte, North Carolina, to co-chair the second American Workforce Policy Board meeting with   @secretaryross  !


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