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The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “CO” Leftenan Kolonel(Lieutenant Colonel) Zulkifli in full battle dress and the famed maroon beret, a symbol of airborne troops all over the world. His sayap Bintang Remaja (senior jump wings) are seen along with his rank insignia. His Colt M4A1 is equipped with a weaponlight, a vertical foregrip and an Aimpoint Comp M4 while his holstered sidearm is a Glock 17.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “TINDAK PANTAS!” Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun ke-25 kepada 10 Briged Para TDM. Happy 25th Anniversary to the Malaysian Army’s 10th Para Brigade.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “ CT “ A member of the 11 Skuadron Lawan Keganasan armed with a SIG SG 553 assault rifle equipped with a vertical foregrip, double magazines and an EoLAD(EoTech+Laser Aiming Device) sight. The operators of the 11SLK are among the most skilled and experienced GGK commandos, with a strong background on the subjects of Counter-Terrorism and Close Quarters Battle.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “Sharpshooter” A member of PASKAL holding a suppressed DSR 1 bullpup sniper rifle. Another rarely seen gem in PASKAL’s ever growing arsenal.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “The calm before the storm” A sniper from   @69.komando   dressed in a ghillie suit holding his supressed Accuracy International AX sniper rifle.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “PAC-men” Parachutists from the 1 Rejimen Artileri DiRaja(PARA)wearing their Gentex Paramaster HALO/HAHO helmets complete with oxygen masks and their parachutes. Displaying their combat HALO/HAHO jump loadout.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “Selam Tempur!” A combat diver from the UTK wearing a Modular Oxygen Diving Equipment rebreather, one of the smallest, lightweight breathing apparatus’ and allows approximately one and a half hours of diving time.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

*REPOST Malaysian Parachute Jump Wings and what they mean. Credit to Airwings Merchandise for photo. Bahasa Malaysia (1)Sayap Jurulatih Payung Terjun -Lulus Kursus Jurulatih Payung Terjun(4 bulan) -Lulus melatih 3 siri kursus (2)Sayap Ketua Penerjunan -Lulus Kursus Ketua Penerjunan(6 minggu) -21 kali penerjunan (18 dengan peralatan) (3)Sayap Terjun Bebas -Lulus Kursus Terjun Bebas(6 minggu) -Minimum 18 kali penerjunan (4 dengan peralatan) -Maksimum 21 kali penerjunan (4 dengan peralatan) (4)Sayap Bintang Remaja -Lulus 50 kali Penerjunan Statik (5)Sayap Pelipat Payung -Lulus Kursus Asas Payung Terjun -Lulus Kursus Asas Rigger (4 bulan) -2 kali penerjunan dengan payung lipatan sendiri (6)Sayap Asas Payung Terjun -Lulus Kursus Asas Payung Terjun (1 bulan) -Minimum 6 kali penerjunan (2 dengan peralatan) -Maksimum 8 kali penerjunan (2 dengan peralatan) (7) Sayap Pandu Arah -Lulus Kursus Asas Payung Terjun (1 bulan) -Lulus Kursus Asas Pandu Arah (6 minggu) English (1) Parachute Trainer Jump Wings -Pass Parachute Trainer Course (4 months) -Pass Training 3 Course Series' (2)Jumpmaster Jump Wings -Pass Jumpmaster Course (6 weeks) -21 jumps (18 with equipment) (3)Freefall Jump Wings -Pass Basic Freefall Course ( 6 weeks) -Minimum 18 jumps (4 with equipment) -Maximum 21 jumps (4 with equipment) (4)Senior Jump Wings -Pass 50 static jumps (5)Rigger Jump Wings -Pass Basic Parachute Course -Pass Basic Rigger Course (4 months) -2 jumps with self-folded parachutes (6)Basic Parachute Jump Wings -Pass Basic Parachute Course (1 month) -Minimum 6 jumps (2 with equipment) -Maximum 8 jumps (2 with equipment) (7)Pathfinder Wings -Pass Basic Parachute Course ( 1 month) -Pass Basic Pathfinder Course (6 weeks)


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “Selamat Hari Pahlawan” Selamat Hari Pahlawan kepada semua veteran, anggota pasukan keselamatan serta pejuang yang gugur demi negara ini. Happy Warrior’s Day to all our veterans, service members and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2018} “Angkatan Tentera Malaysia” Selamat Hari Malaysia dan Hari Angkatan Tentera Malaysia!! Happy Malaysia Day and Malaysian Armed Forces Day!!


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2019} “Bomb disposal” Sarjan(Sergeant) Salleh with PDRM the Persenjataan/Unit Pemusnah Bom(Weaponry/Explosive Ordnance Disposal) unit. On his right arm is the identifying badge of a member of the unit, while on his left chest is a Senior EOD patch. The most interesting patch is the CBRNE patch. Meaning he is assigned to the Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, Nuclear Explosives Disposal team handling the DOK-ING MVF 5 robot.


The Malaysian Patriot Images

{2018} “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” A member of the 11 Skuadron Lawan Keganasan in black kit wielding a SIG SG 553 assault rifle equipped with an EoLAD holographic sight and vertical foregrip.


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