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🎶#1 Billboard Rock Artist 🇺🇸#Conservative Activist 🌺#Makeup ☘️#Vegan 💕#ProLife 🔥#NewMusic “Freedom (Fight For It)” PREORDER new song ⤵️ #Joytribe

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Joy Villa🇺🇸

Loving this red   @badgleymischka   dress!


Joy Villa🇺🇸

“Her confidence came not from the way she looked but the way she treated others with kindness and integrity.” -Joy Villa . . . dress by   @matteoperin23   😍jacket by   @balenciaga   Photo by   @thorstenovergaard   at   @foxnews  


Joy Villa🇺🇸

OMG! SO HAPPY! 🍭Go see my latest YOUTUBE Video to get the deets! 😳😍😱 My awesome SHIRT by   @africanamericanaofficial   🎵🎶🎵 an awesome band

Los Angeles, California



Joy Villa🇺🇸

A wonderful runway show and launch of   @desidesigns_couture   first all natural luxury perfume! (were all wearing her incredible creations and smell gorgeous, too!) 💐🥰💐 go follow   @desidesigns_couture   for a link to purchase the scent! 🥰🙌🏽🥰💋  @nicholerayartistry  

West Hollywood, California


Joy Villa🇺🇸

  #JOYTRIBE   💋Appearing on   @skynews   Australia to talk about my new song and video release “Freedom (Fight For It) feat   @flintbedrock  ! I did my OWN makeup 💄 wearing: SKIN   @hourglasscosmetics   in beige   @katvondbeauty   setting powder CHEEKS:   @juviasplace   LIPS:   @desideriobeauty   EYES:   @lancomeofficial   mascara   @smashboxcosmetics   shadows

Fox News Channel, LA Bureau


Joy Villa🇺🇸

I’m an unafraid & unabashed supporter of my country, our POTUS and our freedom. No apologies, no fear and no nonsense, we’re American and PROUD! Grammys 2019 dress and custom purse by   @desidesigns_couture   ❤️(available at Makeup by   @nicholerayartistry   ❤️   @_maga_army_  

Beverly Hills, California


Joy Villa🇺🇸

😭😭😭👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 y’all better STAHP 😆   #area51     #themaliens     #whosgoing  

Area 51


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