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  #HANNITY  : Hunter Biden exposed! The son of 2020 candidate Joe Biden confirmed what many people suspected about Hunter’s time serving on the board of an Ukrainian gas company. Watch!


Sean Hannity

Lawrence Jones is on the ground in Westerville, OH for the Democratic Presidential Primary Debate tonight. Tune into   #HANNITY   at 9PM ET to find out what debate-goers have to say about their party’s 2020 hopefuls!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY   ICYMI: “I started in June of 2017… I came there thinking this was my dream job and it very quickly descended into a nightmare.” Watch our exclusive one-on-one with a CNN whistleblower, a former satellite uplink contractor who turned to Project Veritas with a stack of alleged secret recordings that appear to reveal the rampant bias at CNN!


Sean Hannity

TONIGHT ON   #HANNITY  : Wall Street Journal columnist and Fox News Contributor Kimberley Strassel will join us to break down the latest news on the House Dems’ impeachment effort and more. Tune in at 9PM ET!


Sean Hannity

Tune into   #HANNITY   tonight at 9PM ET for LIVE coverage of President Trump’s rally in Lake Charles, LA.


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY  : One-on-one interview with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. Tune in tonight at 9PM ET!


Sean Hannity

Tonight on   #HANNITY  , we will have LIVE coverage and analysis of President Trump’s Keep America Great Rally in Minneapolis, MN. Don’t miss it!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY  : Sean lays out what’s REALLY behind the Dems’ impeachment hysteria and all of their phony witch hunts. Watch!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY   TONIGHT: One-on-one with President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who will react to the left’s hypocrisy on the Ukraine witch hunt & more. Tune in at 9PM ET!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY  : Brand new Fox News Contributor John Solomon blows major holes in the Dems’ Ukraine witch hunt narrative! Newly obtained docs show the Ukrainian authorities re-opened an anti-corruption investigation into Burisma Holdings, the company where Hunter Biden was a board member, before Trump even had a call with the Ukrainian president. Watch for the latest developments, tonight!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY  : “We’re now tracking multiple major breaking stories, including an absolute bombshell development from the Department of Justice. Fox News now reporting that the Durham-Barr investigation into the origins of the Russia witch hunt is expanding…”   #ICYMI   Tune in at 9PM tonight for the latest developments!


Sean Hannity

  #HANNITY  : Sean has fierce words about the Dems’ endless witch hunts against President Trump: “Let us be clear, they never accepted the 2016 election results... they could not accept the will of the people.” Watch!


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