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The ‘world’s lungs’ are on fire and no one knows what to do about it. The number of forest fires in Brazil since January - more than 74,000 - has increased by 83% compared with the same period last year. World leaders are increasingly worried about the situation and have expressed their criticism of the Brazilian government’s response, as the rainforest is a vital absorber of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Brazil’s leader Jair Bolsonaro has rejected condemnation and has accused news organisations of exploiting the fires to undermine his government. Fires in the rainforest at this time of year are not unusual, but environmentalists blame the increase on farmers deliberately setting fires to clear land for agriculture.

Amazônia, Bahia, Brazil


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England's star bowler Jofra Archer can send a ball hurtling towards a batsman at over 96mph🏏. He's deployed this devastating speed to great effect in the Cricket World Cup, and now in the   #Ashes  . One 92mph delivery recently left Australia's star batsman Steve Smith concussed on the wicket. If that's what his bowling does to one of the best batsmen in the world, how will our correspondent Inzamam Rashid cope? Let us know how you think you'd cope in the comments.   #Cricket     #Ashes     #JofraArcher     #CricketWorldCup  


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Emmanuel Macron has told Boris Johnson that they would "not find a new withdrawal agreement" within a month that is "very different from the existing one". ⠀ The French president and the prime minister held a joint news conference in Paris in a bid to get France’s support for a new Brexit deal. Macron reiterated the key part of the current deal known as the Irish backstop was "indispensable" and not about "legal quibbling". ⠀ But Johnson remained optimistic and said: “Where there is a will, there’s a way.” ⠀   #Brexit     #Paris     #Politics  

Paris, France


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New Zealand's parliamentary speaker has been praised on social media for cradling a lawmaker's baby as he presided over a debate. Trevor Mallard tweeted a photo of himself feeding MP Tamati Coffey's newborn son while in the speaker's seat on Wednesday. The images have since been shared and liked hundreds of times, with many commending Mr Mallard for taking on the babysitting duties. One Twitter user said: "New might be a small country, but you have a huge lesson to teach the world! Great photo!" While another said: "This is something wonderful that is just a pleasure to see happening in our parliament." Mr Coffey's son was born via a surrogate to him and his partner Tim Smith in July.

New Zealand Parliament


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Angela Merkel looks for UK ‘solution’ to Brexit in 30 days as she meets Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson told the German Chancellor ‘the backstop has got to go’ on a visit to Berlin, in what is his first trip as Prime Minister. Angela Merkel held out the possibility that there might be a solution to the Brexit impasse, saying it “may be” possible to ditch the backstop - if the UK can come up with an alternative plan.   #Brexit     #AngelaMerkel     #BorisJohnson     #Germany     #UK     #Deutschland     #Politics  

Berlin, Germany



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The Court of Appeal has upheld a landmark ruling allowing a protest-free zone outside an abortion clinic in Ealing, London. The Marie Stopes clinic on Mattock Lane was the first in the country to introduce a 100-metre ban stopping pro-life campaigners approaching women outside the west London clinic. The exclusion zone came into force in April 2018 after reports that women were being "distressed, harassed and intimidated".   #abortion     #london     #clinic  


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“This is a place for animals, not human beings.” Lulu Abubaker and her family live in a former shipping container in Ealing. She says it feels like they are being treated “worse than animals” - especially as her 12-year-old son is autistic and needs special adaptations to his living environment. An Ealing Council spokesperson said: “While we would rather offer people the opportunity to live in genuine affordable permanent homes, the housing crisis means we have no choice but to use temporary accommodation to house the sheer volume of homeless households that present to us.”   #Housing     #Ealing     #London     #UK     #Homeless     #Homelessness     #Council  

Ealing, United Kingdom


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An abortion clinic in West London which became the first in the country to ban campaigners approaching women has been backed by the Court of Appeal. The landmark ruling enforces a 100-metre ban which stops pro-life campaigners going near the Marie Stopes clinic in Ealing. ⠀ The manager at the clinic, Sally O'Brien said before the zone was introduced women were regularly "harassed”: ⠀ "I've had salt thrown at me as I've walked up the street, I've seen the women be blocked at the gate, they've had rosaries pushed into their hands…As they leave they then call them mum and murderer.” ⠀ Ealing Council said action was taken in the interest of locals, but campaigners argue that their rights to protest have been unlawfully interfered with. Elizabeth Howard, from the pro-life Be Here For Me campaign, said: “It's important for people to have a genuine choice.” ⠀   #Abortion     #Ealing     #London  


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Woman who gave birth to baby in toilet cleared of murder in El Salvador. A 21-year-old woman in El Salvador who says she was raped and unwittingly gave birth to a stillborn son in a toilet has been cleared of murder during a retrial. Evelyn Hernandez had always maintained she was innocent and did not know she was pregnant. She was a teenager when she went to an outhouse in April 2016 to use the toilet after having stomach pains and her mother found her passed out. A 32-week fetus was later found in the septic tank and Ms Hernandez was arrested - but both women said they did not know she had given birth.   #Rights     #HumanRights     #WomensRights     #ElSalvador     #Women     #BirthControl     #Abortion  

El Salvador


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🐧🦏🐠🕷It’s the annual animal weigh-in at   @zslwhipsnadezoo.   From rhinos to fish, all creatures at the Dunstable zoo take part so their health and wellbeing can be tracked. The information is also shared with zoos around the world to compare details on thousands of endangered species. ⠀ ⠀ ➡️Swipe to see how different animals are weighed. ➡️ ⠀ ⠀   #Zoo     #Animals     #WeighIn     #Whipsnade  

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


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Swipe through for some highlights from the World Robot Conference in Beijing. Hundreds of robots 🤖 will be showcased across the five-day event in China. They include medical robots 🏥, multi-legged robots - as well as AI that can assist in education 📚 and even robots that can deliver food 🍕   #worldrobotconference     #beijing  

Beijing, China


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The National Trust releases a selection of images showcasing the most beautiful sites of the United Kingdom to celebrate World Photography Day. The images were submitted to the National Trust last year by professional and amateur photographers for its annual competition. National Trust will be accepting submissions for this year’s competition from September 1 and it wants images that show how places can ‘make you feel good’ and need to show ‘how the countryside can spark adventure, inspire us and change the way we feel’. 📸 Jerry Cartlidge, Frank Kasa, Gareth Hughes, Tobie Loates   #WorldPhotographyDay     #NationalTrust     #UK     #Britain     #Nature     #Photography     #Pictures     #Photo     #Countryside  

United Kingdom


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